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Should You Submit To Denver Roadside DUI Tests?

riving when you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs can lead to penalties where you might lose your driver’s license or even end up in jail. When you are suspected of drunk driving, you may have to undergo certain DUI tests including the Preliminary Breathalyzer Tests. And if you happen to be in this situation, should you submit to Denver roadside DUI tests? Contrary to what many would thing, roadside tests for drivers suspected of drunk driving are done voluntarily. Most officers would say that drivers refusing to undergo these tests will automatically lose their license for a year. Although it is true that once you refuse a test, you can lose your license, you do not incur penalties if ever you refuse to undergo voluntary roadside tests. Establishing Probable Cause When you are caught drunk driving in Colorado, officers need to establish probable cause before you are arrested. You cannot just be arrested out of the blue. You will have to submit to a test. Officers can only establish probable cause if you undergo the so-called Standard Field Sobriety Tests. Developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the aim of these tests is to find cues for impairment…

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