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The Shortcomings of Breathalyzer Tests

breathalyzer, short for breath analyzer, is the first test you will have to go through when a police officer asks you to pull over for suspected driving under the influence (DUI). You are most likely to experience this when the police see you are doing any of the following: Erratic driving Driving on the road’s center lines Making extremely wide or narrow turns Driving very slowly Driving too close to another vehicle Driving recklessly Breathalyzers are used to determine breath alcohol content (BAC) by blowing onto it. Through a standardized formula, it will then produce the blood alcohol content, indicating the person’s level of impairment. This article aims to inform the readers about breathalyzer facts they need to know — the kinds of breathalyzers, their accuracy, and find out if you can refuse to take the test. This is especially useful to the residents of Denver, Colorado where DUI laws have heavier penalties than other states. Two kinds of breathalyzers There are three chemical tests the police can use to determine your BAC: Breath/breathalyzer test Blood test Urine test Among them, the most commonly used is the breathalyzer test and it has two kinds: Portable or preliminary breath test (PBT)…

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