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faqThis FAQ is for informational purposes and is not a substitute for legal advice. It may not cover important issues that affect you. You should contact us if you have questions.
What is a DUI?
What Are Some of the Notable Consequences if Someone is Convicted of a DUI?
What is BAC?
How Do I Find a Good DUI Attorney?
What Does it Cost to Hire Or Retain a Denver DUI Attorney?
Can I legally drink alcohol while driving in Colorado?
How will a Colorado DUI affect my car insurance?
How long will a DUI arrest stay on my record in the state of Colorado?
The officer never read me my Miranda rights. What can a Denver DUI Lawyer do about this?
Can other factors affect my performance on field sobriety tests?
What should I do if the officer asks me to perform field sobriety tests?
I passed the field sobriety tests and still got arrested. Why?
How are normal mental and physical faculties measured – what is “normal”?
Does the BAC apply to the time of the test or the time of driving?
If a police officer in Colorado stops me and asks if I've been drinking, what do I say?
What Are the Common DUI Defense Strategies?
What Should I Do If I’m Stopped for DUI?
Do I Have to Take the Field Sobriety Tests?
Should I Take the Breath Test?
What Criminal Charges Am I Facing?
What Are the Possible Criminal Penalties?
How Do I Get My Driver’s License Back?
What Will It Cost to Hire a DUI Attorney to Represent me?
If I am Stopped for DUI, What Should I Do?
What Happens to My Denver License After a DUI?
When do I need a DUI lawyer?
How should I choose a DUI attorney?
Do I need a DUI lawyer if I've been arrested?
What if I think I'm guilty of the charge? Do I still need a lawyer?
Why Is It A Mistake To Defend Yourself Or To Plead Guilty?