What To Expect After Getting A DUI Conviction in Colorado

August 08, 2014

slide5Conviction is a term used in legal matters indicating that a court finds someone guilty of certain charges against him. The result of DUI conviction comes from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Each state has the decree making it unlawful to drive when an individual is drunk of intoxicating alcohol.

Every state has the right to place a maximum level of BAC (blood alcohol content) for the drivers. If the driver is caught with the above limit of BAC while he is driving, he will be arrested for making offense on the driving laws against the state. If he is found guilty, the driver will obtain DUI conviction.

For this kind of conviction, alcohol is the main substance that leads to DUI. Similarly, it is not lawful to drive a car when the driver is intoxicated by a chemical substance. It can involve the legal or the illegal drugs. While limits are not indicated for chemicals in general, there are examinations which can attest the substance’s presence in the body of a person.

DUI conviction has multiple consequences. Fines and penalties differ from each other depending on the state’s location. Usually, there’s a danger of imprisonment and trial for the first offense and compulsory incarceration for numerous convictions. Payments of the court fees are generally ordered when there is a DUI-related lawsuit.

Risks related to DUI

Like other people, most likely you know something about the risks of driving under the Influence of alcohol or drugs. You have understood this even before getting your driver’s license. However, drugs and alcohol go on to be the top cause of collisions in US. Every year endless drivers get arrested and are charged with driving offense related to DUI. Colorado is considered as one of the strictest states in dealing with DUI lawsuits. With that, a driving conviction always results in many life-altering consequences.

Presuming it’s your ever first conviction, the DUI sentence may result to a 9-month suspension of your driver’s license, $600 minimum fine, including the 96-hour service in the community. Furthermore, you will spend a couple of days or more in jail. Such penalty is waived for the initial violators if the person goes through alcohol treatment.

If you have been previously convicted with DUI case, your penalties are bigger. They include higher fine and longer period of license suspension. Imprisonment is more difficult if this is your second time to be found at fault of drunk driving. More penalties are imposed for every succeeding conviction.

Whether it’s your first time or subsequent conviction, the DUI consequences are going to trouble you long after the sentence gets over. For instance, the rates of your car insurance will be increased once the company has learned about your DUI offense. As a result, you’re obliged to pay 3 times more of the insurance coverage.

Aside from this, your permanent crime record will make it harder for you to apply for housing or job in the future. In worse cases, you are likely to be unable to get educational grants and financial assistance.

Things to expect when convicted with DUI

The consequences of the DUI conviction vary depending on the state or location where the charged person lives. In Colorado, here’s the list of consequences to get when a person is proven guilty of DUI offense:

  1. It is lifetime if you are convicted with DUI in Colorado. There’s no stopping about your record except when your case is dismissed. DUI is a very serious conviction. The court probation order may last up to two years and you will spend one year behind bars.
  2. Your fine can amount to $1,500 including court costs plus surcharge which may have the additional of $750. Court order of public service totals to 120 hours. You need to attend the Victim Impact Program from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).
  3. There’s a need for you to undergo mandatory alcohol examination and the regular classes for alcohol therapy. The term will last most likely up to twelve months.
  4. Your driver’s license will be revoked for a year. This is an action for points revocation done by the Department of Revenue.
  5. Your DUI case will be the basis for your previous offense to be applied to the next sentencing offenses in the future. In Colorado, there’s a compulsory minimum sentence for the next offenses. Previous conviction will be the ground for revoking your driver’s license.
  6. DUI case makes the exclusive offense in motor vehicle which appears on NCIC (Nat.CrimeInformationCenter) database. Nationally, this is under the supervision of FBI and locally under Colorado Bureau of Investigation. This is also furnished to future employers during the background examination.
  7. DUI lawsuit gets your driver’s license suspended and your mandatory license revoked. The length of time varies based on the previous convictions and their dates. Driver’s license is suspended for one year if it is your initial offense. Licensed gets revoked for life if it is your second DUI lifetime conviction.
  8. If you’re caught with a revoked or suspended license while driving, your car will be confiscated leading you to face another criminal case. You’ll get a minimum obligatory jail of one month upon conviction.
  9. If you’re driving using a provisionary driver’s license in an outside location or hours, your permit gets revoked with the charge of another misdemeanor offense that needs mandatory jail time.
  10. There will be additional rate of auto insurance roughly $4,800. There’s also possible increase in your insurance, most likely the health insurance. Life insurance establishments normally reject the issuance of policy and they increase rates where you are not qualified for the “preferred risk” rate. Also, individual policy (health insurance) rates will be increased or the policy will be denied.
  11. If all your rights in driving are lost, your car remains uninsured within six months. Rates are increased upon reinstatement. Companies that offer car rental will reject those with DUI conviction (time span can vary within three to six years).
  12. You will be completely denied to immigrate to other countries like Canada and other nations. Also, personal and business trips to other countries will be denied or are too difficult to acquire.
  13. You are denied also of becoming a US citizen within five years after the case of DUI is over. The renewal of your work visa or Green Card can be deferred or even denied. US travel will also be disallowed at customs, so you can’t take a trip from and to US.
  14. Shipping of hunting rifle to other countries is restricted even if the purpose is for recreation and sports. If you have hidden weapons, your permit can be denied.
  15. Applications for professional license will be delayed or withheld. DUI can also commence proceedings for revocation.
  16. You will lose your driver’s commercial license that results to loss of job. For cars issued by a company, there will be loss of the company insurance.
  17. Upon DUI conviction, some employers will immediately terminate employees with DUI conviction. Many big insurance companies are conditioned on “no employees” who are associated with DUI case.
  18. There will be denial or revocation of the security clearance in business or military bases which tie up with American government for the clearance on high security.
  19. Your profession and career in military can be over. Any future advancement can also be denied because of DUI conviction.
  20. Dentists and doctors can have suspension from their practice until they are fully rehabilitated due to dependency on drug and alcohol.
  21. Internet access about the record of your criminal offense is quickly accessible in many websites.
  22. Your pilot’s license will be revoked. Teachers, both in public and private schools, will be terminated of their teaching profession. Admission to professional schools will get denied like the medical school, laws school, PT certification and nursing.

Regardless of the DUI penalties, fines or consequences, drunk driving laws were instituted to bring protection to all civilians. Strict saws are being imposed in Colorado to protect people from death and harm caused by those individuals driving while intoxicated.