What Are the Costs Related to a DUI Charge?

August 08, 2014

moneyAccidents and fatalities (alcohol-related) in Colorado have decreased over the last two decades but drunk driving remains a big problem. In spite of the various enforcement programs in the state, it was estimated that about half of the overall traffic deaths are alcohol-related.
The state has two kinds of alcohol-related offense based on BAC (blood alcohol concentration) in the driver’s body. They are DUI and DWAI driving offense.

DUI – Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol is the more serious driving offense. Consequences are expensive to the pocket and to the driving rights. This can potentially result to jail imprisonment of the charged driver.

DWAI – Driving While Ability is impaired by Drugs or Alcohol is the lesser DUI offense accompanied with BAC. However, there are still heavy charges and penalties incurred.

Defining DUI

Driving Under Influence (DUI) lawsuits are increasing just about everyday. If a person is convicted, the lawsuit may cost something such as fines and charges. If you are charged with this case, you are faced with high increase in insurance, fines, plus the possibility of getting convicted. Based on the law, if a driver couldn’t control his car when he’s drunk, or if his blood alcohol goes beyond the limit, he will be convicted of DUI case.

In Denver, there’s a range of fees to pay if you’re going to hire the services of a DUI lawyer. It may not apply the popular phrase “you get what you pay for.” You will see that four different Denver DUI attorneys from the yellow pages or online services will give you quotes different from each other. The price of the quote can range from $3,000 to $12,000 excluding the trial proceedings.
Payment for cases related to DUI is based on the experience and reputation of the lawyer. But, this is not always the case. There are legal fees which are based on the enhanced interpretation of the attorney’s standing and skills. Other lawyers ask for low rates for DUI cases because they intend to source out the case to a new lawyer who is inexperienced. They may abandon the case after the initial court hearing and give it to another attorney. But there are also professional lawyers (regarded expert in this field) who ask for the right fees.

With these legal representatives claiming for themselves as experts in handling DUI cases, you should study their back-ground, cases handled, and gained experiences to know their real capabilities. You can measure if their professional fee fits the best lawyer’s experience and proficiency.
The cost of defending DUI case is based on some factors like if you have previous criminal case or pending case. Cases like drunk driving are complicated and the attorney’s charge will rely on his expertise in handling the lawsuit. A client wishing to be in the trial court after a disposition has more fees to pay because of the legal resources and needed time to fight for the case.

Consultation with a lawyer

Approaching a DUI attorney is your chance to talk about the information of the pending charges. The first consultation with a DUI attorney entails discussion of the case as well as the knowledge of the lawyer, like:

1. the condition of the police report
2. the need of some actions to get your license as a driver
3. any previous criminal and driving documentation
4. a study of the fact in identifying legal matters and likely defenses
5. the response to your questions regarding legal process
6. the answer to your inquiries on the history and the experience of the law office company
7. the need for a quotation

The initial consultation does not include the guaranty or representation of the lawyer about how your DUI case will be resolved.

Hiring a DUI defense attorney

If you have a similar case and you plan to hire a DUI defense lawyer, you’ll be overwhelmed with websites and advertisements of attorneys who regard themselves as “best” and “professionals” in Colorado. However, how will you know if their claims are real? There are attorneys who think they are experts but they are not. They only believe this for themselves. Some will say they are at the top of their practice profession. Others say they’ve got the specialization in DUI case defense and that they also specialize in personal injury, employment, family law, bankruptcies, and others.

Learn about the lawyer’s experience together with his background in dealing with DUI cases. Factors to consider in knowing the attorneys experience:

1. How many previous cases of the same DUI cases have been handled by the lawyer?
2. What is his experience in trial?
3. Has the DUI attorney been known for his job as an experienced defense lawyer?
4. Is the attorney experienced in law enforcement or has he been a persecutor?
5. Is he affiliated with some specialized organizations requiring continuous learning in DUI defense?

Legal matters need lawful written contract with an attorney if the DUI case will be handled by him. Aside from this, he thinks about the complexity of the case which takes time in handling it. The arrangement of the charges should be in details so that all things will be understood by the client and to know where the fees go. The lawyer to be hired require all or a part for the upfront fee to be put on the trust account of his client. This gives the assurance that the efforts of the attorney will get paid.

Average cost of getting DUI-related lawsuit

1. Brain injury fund charge – ($20)
2. License re-testing & new license ($21)
3. Victim impact panel (425)
4. Court case ($26)
5. Jail Fee ($30)
6. Victim compensation fund support ($33)
7. Car storage fee ($39)
8. Community service supervision fee ($60)
9. Victim assistance fund ($87)
10. Law enforcement assistance fund ($90)
11. Chemical testing fee ($490)
12. License re-instatement ($95)
13. Towing fee ($143)
14. Bail fee ($150)
15. Alcohol treatment assessment ($200)
16. Continual drunk driver surcharge ($275)
17. Detoxification ($455)
18. Alcohol education class ($575)
19. Average probation supervision fee ($600)
20. Average first conviction fine ($800)
21. Average ignition interlock rental ($970)
22. Defense Lawyer ($2,500)
23. Auto insurance increase estimated over a five-year period for the driver age 21 to 24 ($3,000)

Some Additional Expenses

1. Temporary loss in income
2. Periodic test of the blood
3. Monthly keeping track of fees
4. Permanent loss of job

Getting DUI lawyer is costly. It’s more than just posting bail or paying lawful fees. It involves other areas such as keeping insurance and being absent from the job to carry out a sentence. Although the national cost has the average of $10,000 in DUI cases, it can also be lower or higher based on the specific state. In Denver, Colorado this post has provided you the average costs related to driving under the influence of drug.