The Physical Symptoms of a DUI

August 08, 2014

dui-pic4Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs is a serious crime that you should not take for granted. When convicted, your license might be revoked along with the other penalties depending on the ruling of the court. Worse, you might also get imprisoned. But before that, officers would have to establish probable cause that there is a violation of the law. Before you are finally charged for DUI, officers will have to look for physical signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms of impairment are just one of the different categories that can be used against you.

The physical symptoms of a person who is intoxicated include the following: smells like alcohol, red eyes, inability to walk, etc. Officers will use their senses from sense of sight, smell, etc. to see the specific signs of a drunk driver. Based on the cues of impairment, arresting officers will have to examine as to whether the driver is drunk or intoxicated.

The Different Signs of Intoxication

Officers can stop your vehicle if you are suspected of drunk driving. The officer will then search for signs of intoxication. Just by looking at your eyes, he may already have cues. Intoxicated drivers have watery, runny and red eyes. Their eyelids look really droopy. Alcohol does not change your pupil size but when you are asked for the pen test, you might have a hard time. When a person is drunk, his face looks pale. When it comes to balance and coordination, a drunk driver finds it really hard to balance. If you are intoxicated, you tend to sway and wobble making it hard for you to control your balance.

When it comes to speech, the officer can also notice if you are drunk just by the way you talk. A person who is intoxicated has this tendency to ramble and to sound robotic. Drunk drivers would mumble for words when asked for certain questions. More often than not, drivers who are suspected to be intoxicated may appear to be talkative. As such, it is essential to always keep in mind that when you are charged for DUI and you know you are drunk, you do not have to answer all of the questions not required from you as these statements might be used against you. When the officer starts talking to you, they may also notice your breath. A person may have the odor of alcohol even if he covers it up with mouthwash or mint.

What to Do When You Are Charged for DUI

Once the officer has established probable cause in charging you for DUI, you will have to provide the necessary details required from you. Your registration details along with your license and other relevant information. But since you will have to go to court, it is important for you to have legal representation. Always remember that you do not have to answer all of the questions of the officers especially if you are unsure with your statements.

Hire an Experienced DUI Lawyer

Since laws governing your case along with court procedures that you have to undergo through are technical and complicated, you cannot do all of this on your own. In as much as you want to reduce costs, you have to get a reliable and an experienced DUI lawyer. With the legal expertise of an established DUI lawyer, you can increase your chances of proving your innocence. Your attorney can help you all throughout the legal process as he/she knows the ins and outs of the local court. So, make sure that you hire a lawyer who can represent and defend you in court.