Why Do You Need to Hire a DUI Attorney After Being Charged with DUI?

August 08, 2014

dui-pic5Driving when you are drunk or intoxicated is a serious crime. In the United States, you will have to face serious legal charges if the officers are able to establish probable cause that you are intoxicated while driving. If you are convicted, you might end up losing your driver’s license, incur certain penalties and cost if there are damages plus you might end up in jail. With all the laws surrounding your case along with your rights as an accused, you cannot represent yourself in court. You need to hire a good DUI attorney who can do the job of defending your case.

How a DUI Attorney Can Help You?

Laws along with the court procedures can be really intricate and technical. Without any legal knowledge of the process and procedures, it is just too difficult for a layman to fully understand and digest all of the details. To ensure that you have representation, you need to get a DUI attorney who can help you. Apart from defending your case in court if ever you have to undergo a trial. Only an attorney can provide you with legal advice as to how you can win your case. From gathering of evidences to the actual trial, your lawyer will work with you to come up with legal strategies in order to increase your chances of winning your case. DUI attorneys specialize in handling these kinds of cases. So, you do not have to worry as your lawyer will be the one who will represent and help you all throughout the process.

The Cost of Getting a DUI Attorney

Individuals who face DUI charges have to weigh their options as to whether they will hire a lawyer or not. At first look, it might seem cost effective not to hire a lawyer especially since legal fees are quite expensive these days. But if you are facing serious legal charges and your freedom is threatened as you might end up in jail if you lose the case you should not take chances. Just think of the long run costs that you will incur if ever you lose the case. This will negatively affect your future endeavors. The cost of getting a lawyer ranges between $2,000 to $12,000. The fees would still vary depending on the factors affecting your case.

However, the saying that “You get what you pay for” does not always hold true. It does not mean that if you go for the most expensive DUI attorney in town you can get the best service. But on the other hand, you should be careful in going for the cheapest as your case may suffer. In choosing a lawyer who will defend and represent you in court, you should carefully consider different factors like background, work experience, education and other credentials. If a lawyer has been in the business for many years, that is a good sign.

Consult A DUI Attorney

Most importantly, you need to hire a DUI attorney whom you trust. At the end of the day, you would want to work with a lawyer you know can help you with your case. Before you finally hire one, you can consult with a DUI attorney first. During the initial consultation, you get the opportunity to meet the lawyer and discuss essential details of your case. If you have questions, you can ask the lawyer. This is an opportunity for you to assess the lawyer of your choice. It is also during this time where the lawyer would ask you regarding the details of your case. If both of you agree to the legal fee, your lawyer will start handling your case.