What Your Denver DUI Attorney CAN and CANNOT do For You?

August 08, 2014

lawbooksDriving when you are intoxicated is illegal. If there is probably cause, an officer can charge you for DUI. In facing legal charges, you have to undergo trial where you might either get an acquittal or end up losing the case. When this happens, you can lose your license or you might go to jail. This is where the importance of hiring a DUI attorney comes in. Legal battles can be really complicated and if you do not want to lose your license, you have to hire a reputable DUI attorney. For the accused, what can Denver DUI attorney do and cannot do for you?

What a Denver DUI attorney can do for you?

Before you undergo the trial, you need to ensure that you have a reliable Denver DUI attorney who will help you all throughout the process. Only a lawyer can provide you with legal advice pertaining to your case. Keep in mind that only a lawyer knows the complexity of the process along with laws and the legal procedures.

With the legal expertise of your lawyer, you can avoid making mistakes that others would commit which might only aggravate your position. For your best interest, you should only disclose the details and other information to your lawyer. Before you finally go to court, you can be prepared.

DUI Attorneys know the legal process

One of the advantages of having a good lawyer to represent you in court is the fact that they know the ins and outs of local courts. From the process to the actual strategies that they can use in order to win the case, you can definitely rely on your lawyer to work on your case and to ensure that your rights as an accused are protected.

Once the trial starts, your chosen attorney will keep track of the deadlines and other details. From preparation of evidences to actual representation in court, a DUI attorney helps you keep track of the case. He is there to ensure that you comply with the document and you attend the scheduled hearings.

They can help you expunge your conviction

>If the final ruling of the court finds you guilty and you are convicted of the charges filed against you, there are still other legal remedies that an experienced DUI lawyer can do. For instance, your lawyer can help in expunging your conviction. This is essential especially since your driving records and the conviction can affect future employment or credit standing. With the help of DUI lawyers, they can help on expungement procedures.

What your lawyer cannot do for you?

There are so many things that an attorney can do for you except in influencing the outcome of the case. Although your lawyer can help you increase your chances of getting an acquittal or have lesser penalties, if you are convicted then you will just have to adhere to the ruling of the court. Nonetheless, you still need to hire a lawyer for you to have representation in court.