Top Ten Mistakes People Make After Being Charged With A DUI

August 08, 2014

When an officer has established probable cause to charge you for DUI, it is really serious. Failure on your part to comply with tests required from you as well as losing the case in court can lead to revocation of license and worse, go into jail. These are just some of the scenarios that you might be putting yourself into. Unfortunately, there are a lot of drivers who further commit mistakes after being arrested for DUI.

  • Being reckless

Once you are charged by an officer, the last thing that you would do is to be reckless and antagonize the officers. In order not to make things worse and to avoid aggravating the problem, make sure that you are calm and you talk to officers with courtesy.

  • Taking the matter lightly

Some people would think that they do not have to take this seriously. What happens is just they do things too lightly and end up incurring more costs later on. For one, your driving records will haunt you once you are convicted. You will have to shoulder higher insurance charges which can be really costly on your part.

  • Not getting a lawyer

Facing legal charges can be an extremely complicated process. Without any knowledge of the law as well as the process, you cannot defend yourself. As such, it is important that you get an attorney who can represent you in court. An expert DUI attorney specializing in these kinds of cases can surely give you a strategic legal advice to win your legal battle.

  • Relying on your own

Even if you are knowledgeable with your case and you get to talk with lawyers asking for legal opinion and advice, it is still important to hire an attorney who will go to court. You may be saving money since you do not have to pay for a lawyer. But just think of the costs that you might end up incurring if you end up losing the case.

  • Not getting a quality attorney

In finding for an attorney who can represent you throughout the legal process, you cannot just settle. Just because an attorney is offering lower fees, you would choose him/her right away. Getting an attorney who can give ample time for the case and who can really help you in winning your battle does not have to be expensive. However, you cannot also go for the lowest fees as your case may suffer.

  • Driving even your license has been revoked

Once your license has been revoked, you can no longer drive. Doing so can only make the matters worse as you will end up facing another charges. If you are arrested, you may end up 30 days in jail once you are convicted or you will post a bond.

  • Not requesting the presence of the arresting officer

Remember that officer who arrested you has all the details regarding the incident. Without the presence of the officer, you might not be able to witness the officer’s testimony. These pieces of information are useful for your attorney. Once the officer fails to justify the arrest, you have your license back.

  • Failure to comply and to appear in court

Once you are charged for DUI, you have to go to court. Failure to do so can only make things difficult for you as the court may issue a warrant of arrest. The court may also revoke any bond. Make sure that you are mindful of the schedule.

  • Thinking that you can represent your own

Some people think that since it is just DUI, they can represent themselves. Some would talk about the rest to other people. Keep in mind that whatever you share to others can be used against you. For your best interest, you should only discuss important details to your chosen attorney.

  • Not being prepared in court

When you lose the case, you will definitely incur penalties and worse, end up losing your license. As such, the least thing that you and your attorney would do is to come to court unprepared. Make sure your lawyer is handling the case well so when you come to court, you are prepared to win the legal battle.